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OCEAN SAFARI DIVING ADVENTURES offers certified equipment service and repairs using the latest tools and testing equipment available to ensure diver safety and equipment reliability.

-NITROX Fills: from 21% to 40% for Certified Nitrox divers. Pre-mixed Nitrox; we store pre-mixed Nitrox 36% from our high pressure air bank for divers requiring higher blends.

-Decompression fills: from 40% to 100% for Certified divers using stage or pony bottle systems.

-Tri-mix fills:
We bank Pre-mixed 30/30 Oxygen/Helium mix. Custom "Gas" mixes are available from our Certified Blenders and filling system.

ScubaPro Regulator MK25/S600-"Certified regulator" and Equipment service by trained technicians on premises. We employ the latest techniques, tools, and testing equipment to ensure your safety and equipment reliability.

-VIP and hydrostatic testing and inspection of scuba, scba cylinders

-Select scubapro equipment and tech equipment available TO rent by reservation.

-Dry-suit sales, training and service.
We are an authorized DUI dealer and feature dui suits for Training and rental with proper certification.

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